"Growing Jewelry": Eco Friendly or Pointless?...


Going green just took a radical turn with "Growing Jewelry" by HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson. Basically, it's jewelry that grows! Read on to know more...

Every piece of jewelry in this line is made of silver and moss (yes, actual moss) that you need to water once every five weeks and store in the freezer once in a while to make sure it doesn't wither away. If all goes well, your moss will stay green for up to 12 months. As it says on the website, Growing Jewelry is a clash of jewelry and gardening, couture and organism. The idea is to make us city folk feel closer to nature or something like that.

It is definitely a novel idea and the jewelry is incredibly adorable but the point is...well, that's exactly what I'm not sure of. What IS the point? Personally, it is a tad too expensive for me and considering my memory, I'm sure my poor moss won't last beyond a month if that. Still, it does make me go Aww and I give them full credit for the idea.

What do you ladies think of "Growing Jewelry"? Would you buy it?