7 Great Ways to Lighten Stretch Marks ...

What’s preventing you from flaunting your body? Why do you always hide yourself behind full sleeves and long tops? Dying to wear those low-waist jeans to show off your curves? What’s stopping you? Oh, I get it – it must be those horrible, unsightly, stretch marks that make you feel so bad about yourself. What caused it – weight gain? Or, weight loss, perhaps? Or, did you recently have a baby? Congratulations, but we need to do something about those fierce red lines running across your waist. Here are 7 great ways to lighten stretch marks. I can’t promise they will disappear completely but hey, they can become less obvious. And that’s good news, isn’t it?

1. Healing the Skin

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Photo Credit: Jaci.Leigh

The first step to treat stretch marks and lighten them is healing the skin. For this mix ½ a cup each of aloe vera gel and olive oil, a tbsp of vitamin A oil and two tbsp of vitamin E oil. Massage this onto the affected area. This is a proven remedy to heal the skin and make it soft and supple.

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