10 Great Gifts for Him under $100 ...

What to buy for a man that already has everything? Some great gifts for him under $100 would be nice. Our dear men are very practical human beings, they don’t collect shoes, make-up or perfumes, they buy only the stuff they will actually get to use and they certainly don’t see a point in having more than one item of each kind. So, if shopping for him gives you headache, here’s some ideas that don’t involve perfumes, wallets, shirts and socks -- they're just great gifts for him under $100!

1. Majestic French Terry Hooded Robe

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Price: $44.90 at shop.nordstrom.com
Ideal: If he likes to walk around in his underwear
Most men I know prefer walking around the house in their undies. Do you have a “nudist” type at home too? Well, then I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the “Go see who’s at the door while I run to get dressed” strategy. So get him a robe like this and you won’t have those problems anymore. It's a great gift for him under $100!

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