7 Great Gifts for Cat People ...

Quick! Without looking in your address book, see how many crazy cat ladies you have as friends. I just thought of four… and I know I have more crazy cat lady friends than that! I love them all, but they’re so hard to shop for! I just found a website that sells an entire line of products designed for the feline-friendly, though, and I’m tickled! Here are 7 great gifts for cat people (guys can be crazy about cats, too!)…

1. Solar Animated Tiger Kitty

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Price: $47.99 at perpetualkid.com
What kitty doesn’t like to nap in the sun? This one does, but it’s not out of typical kitty lassitude — it’s to keep his little solar panel charged, so he can move! Just a few minutes in a sunny window can set his little kitty tail a-wiggling… how cute is this? I love his little kawaii-cuteness expression, too.

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