Google Street Maps, Not so Cool Anymore

The recent news about Google’s Maps new Street View feature seemed cool at first. Being able to view neighborhood streets with such detail seemed very cool. And by now we’re all guilty of looking up our own address to see just how well Google did a job of cataloging streets. However it seems that CNN and many bloggers have been scouring Street View for inappropriate photos that are creating privacy concerns. Coeds sunbathing in bikinis, a group of protesters carrying signs outside an abortion clinic, and a man coming out of an adult book store are some of the sample uncomfotrbale photos that they have discovered through Street View. Currently the service is only available in San Francisco Bay area, New York, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami, but Google is planning on spreading it to other cities as well. The company claims that they’re not doing anything wrong being that they aren’t taking photos of anything that you wouldn’t see on the street yourself. But does this invade people’s privacy anyway? We’re on the fence with this one.

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