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Go Vegan amp Organic with Von Natur

By Style

I love new skincare products, but I’ve never been the type to pay too much attention to the organic & all natural market. I pretend to not care whats in my serums and moisturizers, and in return I expect them to work. After being approached by a publicist for Von Natur, I decided I’d try their organic, vegan, cruelty free skincare & cosmetics.

I received a box overflowing with products from the Absolute skin care line, for aging and unruly skin, which I have. I’ve used the routine for over a month now, and I have to admit I’m quite impressed.

While the Absolute Facial Creme Cleanser ($37.99) did a great job, unfortunately I need more intensity out of a cleanser. However, if you have basic cleansing/moisturizing needs, I’d recommend giving this product a try. The Absolute Facial Toner ($28.99) comes in a jar with pads, reminiscent of Stridex. The formula is refreshing, containing aloe, rose, cherry and pineapple extracts.

The next steps in the skincare routine are my favorites. Following the toner, I applied the Absolute Facial Serum ($45.99), which contains antioxidants and vitamins. After using this product, my boyfriend actually turned to me and asked “Are you wearing makeup? Because it looks like you are, but not.” This product actually reduced the viability of my pores! I’m definitely a believer now!

The Absolute Facial Moisturizer ($36.99) and the Under Eye Nourishing Creme ($33.99), do their intended job well. The Facial Moisturizer moisturizes well, without being too greasy, and the Under Eye Nourishing Creme leaves my eye area silky smooth. My only complaint with these products is the lack of SPF.

Quite an interesting product, the Essential Lip Treatment ($16.99), has really surprised me. I now use it every day after exiting the shower. Containing cinnamon, the Treatment tingles but leaves my lips smooth, moisturized and prepared for whatever lip product I plan to apply.

All products available online at VonNatur.

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