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Time will move on, science will advance and new discoveries will be made but none of that will change the fact that the best kind of beauty and skin care products come from nature and are a 100% organic. Presenting Melvita, an all organic and ecological cosmetic line founded in 1983 by Bernard Chevilliat. Now this is one kind of nature's call I'd love to answer...

Einstein once said that if all the bees of the world died, the human race would go extinct in the next 4 years. That's how important these little creatures are for our existence. Besides pollination, there's also one other very important thing we owe to the bees... honey sweet honey! I'm sure you've heard of the goodness of honey and all its wonderful benefits. Why should we not take advantage of this amazing natural ingredient? Exactly the question asked by biologist and beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat. Melvita started off with one hexagonal soap and now spans a vast number and variety of products including skin care, hair care, shea butters, plant oils etc. made not just from honey but other amazing natural ingredients as well.

Organic Must Try Beauty and Skin Care Products:

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Price: $24 at usa.melvita.com
If you have dry or mature skin, plant oils can help. Native to the Moroccan forest, the Argan tree kernels have been harvested for centuries for their amazing benefits. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega 6 and helps protect skin and hair from premature aging, UV exposure and other harmful environmental factors. It is also great for dry skin, damaged hair, nail care and for massages. An oil with these many advantages is a must buy!

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