Global Warming Speeding up Fashion Seasons?


This year global warming may cause thinking ahead to Fall Fashion to become even more important than some fashionistas may realize. This is important for both buyers and small-run independent sellers and designers who create or put out supply closer to the “need” date. Why? Why when one would think Summer should last longer, with “warming”? Well, global warming is more complicated than it sounds, and we all see effects from it that we may not, or perhaps no one could, have predicted. Around Massachusetts, the late-Summer effect has been a very dry climate, with nary a rain drop in my area. And a surprising, odd, side effect of that has been our leaves have already been “turning” a good deal. Many have fallen to the grounds below the trees as well. While weather seems about normal for my area; hot and humid with some cool “New England surprise” spells mixed in—Fall foliage has already switched us a season ahead.

So aesthetically, the season has turned, and we may already want some foliage-hued accessories, and summer scarves might be a more popular idea, if we want that Autumn look during an August-feeling early September.


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