Gisele Covers It up for Aquascutum


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Gisele may have hung up her knickers modeling for Victoria's Secret but she's far from out of the fashion biz. WWD reports that the Brazilian bombshell will star with Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who has modeled for Armani and Calvin Klein in Aquascutum's latest ad campaign. As I mentioned last year, the formerly austere brand is looking to pep up their look. The last campaign featured Pierce Brosnan and model Julia Stegner as a power couple. Gisele and Jamie were shot at Cliveden, the former home of the Astor family and the backdrop to the Profumo Affair, the legendary sex scandal that hit Britain in the 1960s. Their campaign has more of a lost weekend theme, capturing a luxurious tryst with Gisele wearing one of five coats from Aquascutum Vintage, a collection based on vintage Aquascutum designs worn by Hollywood heroines including Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Sophia Lore . The ads will appear in the big fat September issues of many fashion mags.

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