7 Gifts to Give Your Girlfriends ...

While we might move in wide social circles and collect hundreds of acquaintances on online networking sites, the average woman belongs to a small, close knit group of friends. These are the girls with whom we talk unendingly, laugh uncontrollably and collectively lament the woes of work/men/money/shoes/all-of-the-above. They know us as well as we know them and, as a result, buying them presents is something of a nightmare. When it comes to my best friends, I know I’ve pretty much run out of ideas; I mean, there’s only so many times you can get someone a nice bottle of wine. Some of you out there must be in the same boat, so I’ve had a think and put together a list of 7 gifts to give your girlfriends.

1. A Tailor-Made Spa Treatment

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Instead of buying your best friend a basket of body lotions, book her into a snazzy spa for a luxurious treatment. Pick she’ll really appreciate: if she’s a bit of a ‘stress bunny,’ get a soothing full-body massage, for example, or if she struggles with short scrubby nails, buy her a set of professional gel overlays and a French manicure.

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