Get to Know Marie Claire's Fashion Director, TRACY TAYLOR ...

REWARDS OF THE JOB: Doing what I love is the best reward! Seeing a photo shoot idea that was sparked by a look in a fashion show ultimately come to life in the magazine! WHAT I'M MOST EXCITED TO SEE IN EUROPE: Prada, Miu Miu, Missoni, Marni. All my fashion friends I really only see twice a year! BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF FASHION WEEK: Getting enough sleep!!! Walking around in high heels day in and day out for almost three weeks! WHAT I'LL MISS WHEN I'M GONE: Lifethyme Natural Foods on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan! WHEN I'M NOT WORKING I'LL BE: Shopping most likely! Or working through my list of favorite treats in Milan and Paris. Cappucinos ANYWHERE in Italy!, branzino at Da Giacomo, spinach ANYWHERE, steak frites at L'Entrcote, and chocolate croissants at Angelina. HIDDEN TALENTS: Staying healthy and hopefully energized! Making my life at the shows as homey as possible. I bring candles, music, vitamins, a jump rope, lavender room spray among other things. Plus, I'm usually ready for any fashion or health emergency on the run with lint rollers, wet ones, shout wipes and pure Zinc ampules stashed in the car! Try Marie Claire RISK-FREE and learn how to bring the runway to reality [...] [...]

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