7 Fun and Quirky Bags... That Look like Toys!

Sometimes it’s fun to channel your inner child, by doing things like carrying fun and quirky bags that look like toys. Giggling about the nonsensical, dressing up in mis-matched clothes – these are the things that remind us that life isn’t all serious business. And it looks like designers are on board with this idea. Fashion is meant to be fun and the following fun and quirky bags that look like toys prove it. Channel your inner child, in a very grown up way.

1. Mandy Coon Ginny Bunny Bag

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Price: $405 at openingceremony.us
This droopy bunny bag looks like it’s had the fun sucked out of it. Nonetheless, it’s still a favourite of mine. It really does look like a stuffed toy, but with more extravagant touches such as black velvet material. This is one pet that you should take with you wherever you go! One of many fun and quirky bags that look like toys!

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