From LA to Where??

By Lindsay Gilbert Ahart

When I was 23 I would never have dreamt that I would go on a cruise to the Caribbean and find Mr. Right. Only Mr. Right was in the wrong spot. I was living in southern California, pretty much right on the beach and working in the movie industry. He was running an insurance agency right outside of Washington DC, three hours away from any beach and full of conservative,stuck up people. I thought for sure it would never work. Well four and half years later he popped the question with a beautiful ring. It was now the dilemma of who was going where and since he was running a family business I agreed to come to the DC area but only for a couple of years because DC life wasn't for me. It's now been a year and half since I've been here, I can't say that I love it but I am dealing with it and I have learned that sometimes in life** you have to just deal with things for them to get better**. Or as the Rolling Stones say, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find that you get what you need."

I consider myself a very social person but finding friends here has not been easy. I went from being the social butterfly to nonexistent. I was depressed for a while, not just grumpy, gloomy, depressed but seriously unhappy that is until one day I woke up and got over myself, which is what most people need to do! There is a lot to do here and people worth meeting. I'm constantly going and I do this so I don't get down. And I have found that I am ok and I have done and seen a lot of really cool things and I still have the same great friends that I constantly talk to and give advice to on the West Coast. I just talked to Sandra today, a great friend from college, and happen to be an almost 30-year old virgin. I have been trying to break her into life for years and as soon as I am gone of course she finds a guy at a bar, no they didn't sleep together, but they had an amazing make out session! So I cheered and rooted her on from the phone. Making out is a major thing for this girl, when we were all out at the bars during college, making out with every other guy and having a great time, she would just be there wishing for something to happen. Because I am me I always tried to make sure that at least a dance did. So though it was only a make out, it was a major make out for this girl! And though I am away I still am that friend that her girlfriends love to call and get advice from and always have a great life experience to share.

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