Friendship 101: 7 Things to Avoid ...

Making a new friend is relatively easy but maintaining a solid, life-long friendship is one of the toughest tasks you could ever face. Sometimes we are completely unaware of those bad things we do, sometimes we all get a little jealous and act childish. But learning from those mistakes and trying to be better is what really counts. Here’s the list of 7 things true friends shouldn’t do:

1. Talking behind Friend’s Back

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Girls and guys both like to gossip and, let’s face it, a dose of healthy news-oriented gossips can’t hurt. However, gossips that involve friends and their secrets are strictly prohibited. Every group has its “gossiper in chief” – the person that nobody trusts because they know everything they say will be passed on, twisted and used against them or all of the above. Don’t let yourself become that person.

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