Fresh & Tasty Pop Nosh Linkage!

janice dickinson dishes on mick jagger & other lovers in her book - mr. jagger has a tiny wee-wee

if anyone cares - there's details leaking out about eva longoria's wedding to hottie tony parker

lindsay lohan is super happy at rehab - she's been text messaging friends her emotional status

nicole kidman found herself in a small car accident while shooting her movie - she's fine though!

uh-oh! dead or alive singer pete burns is pissed about his botched plastic surgery - he's gonna sue

want to watch paris hilton in her newly exposed videotapes? download the vids & see her slut it up

OMG - that's for sure - check out goldie hawn playing tennis - damn she doesn't look good - yikes!

camel toe is so in right now - check out ms. hilton's latest addition to the wedges between legs...

brandy is so not having good times right now...she caused a car crash that led to a fatality!

congrats are going out to cutie joshua from bumpshack - his wife just had a baby boy! rock on!

hmmm...maybe kate hudson and owen wilson are still on! i still say they look like brother & sister

dustin diamond is at sundance trying to 'outswag' gary coleman - why would they get free shit?!?

scott baio (yes he's still around) lost his virginity to a couch - he was screwing the cushions...

dakota fanning's new film will be a tough sell at the boxoffice - this is the one where she's raped

lady tyra banks is speaking up about her recent weight gain - she still looks great at 161 pounds!

tara conner that messy miss usa is fresh out of rehab - her first stop isn't oprah it's today...

jessica alba is my kind of girl - check her out at the dog park with some four-legged furry friends!

american idol carrie underwood is shooting her new video down in florida & still looking quite thin

peter gabriel sledgehammer**peter, bjorn & john** young folks

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