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Ne peut pas se concentrer ? Ceux-ci aideront...

Il y a des façons meilleures et plus sains pour améliorer votre concentration et que celui de l'énergie de mandrin boit dans votre cou, claquements des pilules de caféine ou de chargement sur le café. Et si vous avez été la proie de la tendance récente chez les élèves, stressé de mères et de dirigeants d'entreprises à prendre Adderall (selon Steven Macari fondateur de, you need to stop that now – it is addictive. If you know these things can be doing more harm than good, wouldn’t you want to know the natural ways to boost your focus?

Table of contents:

  1. Eat More Protein
  2. Improve Digestion to Get Your Neurotransmitters Firing
  3. Manage Stress to Be More Relaxed and Able to Focus
  4. Eat Fat and Fish Oil to Fuel Your Body and Mind
  5. Fix Your Adrenals to Have More Energy
  6. Drink Coffee but do It Sensibly
  7. Enjoy Cacao Cos It’s a Great Way to Have a Chocolate Fix

1 Eat More Protein

Voici une solution simple – manger plus de protéines et Poussée de votre foyer. Pourquoi les protéines fonctionnent ? Il contient des acides aminés qui aident à produire des neurotransmetteurs responsables de vous faire sentir ciblée, calme et heureux. Vous pouvez faire ces neurotransmetteurs efficaces même en optant pour des aliments avec un spectre complet d'acides aminés, tels que le bœuf, poisson, oeufs, volaille, yaourt et fromage. Prendre des suppléments de protéine est également une bonne idée, mais vous devriez opter pour celles qui contiennent des acides aminés tels que la phénylalanine et Tyrosine.

2 Improve Digestion to Get Your Neurotransmitters Firing

The neurotransmitters that make you feel focused are largely produced in your gut, so your digestive system needs to work perfectly to make it easier for you to concentrate better. No matter how much protein you take, you won't get any benefits if your digestive system cannot break it down. For starters, you should stop eating stuff like corn, wheat, and soy that irritate the gut. You may also find a digestive enzyme supplement for support. If possible, start your meal with dandelion, Swedish bitters, lemon juice, arugula, apple cider vinegar, or something bitter. Add more gelatin-rich foods to your diet and be sure to chew everything properly.

3 Manage Stress to Be More Relaxed and Able to Focus

For a balanced mind and body, it is important to take steps to manage stress in your life. It's not about meditating for three hours a day, but you can actually relax your nerves in 10-15 minutes daily. Do what you like doing for 15 minutes – it could be anything like drawing, reading, juggling, painting, Qigong, Tai chi, stretching, playing an instrument, and even a walk in the open air. Using these stress management exercises will trigger a tissue-building state, which in the long run will make you feel relaxed yet sharp with better focus.

4 Eat Fat and Fish Oil to Fuel Your Body and Mind

The nutrients found in fish oil make it one of the most effective and natural ways to boost concentration. Used to treat mood disorders, the regular use of fish oil will have a great impact on your brain. Just be sure to select a high quality brand and use it in moderation, considering your bodyweight and goals. Similarly, fats are good for your brain, but you should stick to high quality fats obtained from seeds, nuts, coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, and grass-fed butter.

5 Fix Your Adrenals to Have More Energy

If you've been finding it difficult to remember things or focus for extended hours, this could be due to adrenal gland inefficiency. Your adrenal glands release hormones (glucocorticoids) because of which you have enough energy to play hard and work harder. Your adrenals will burn out with time, which will make you feel tired, restless at night, and get sick more often. Start by taking at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Cut back on alcohol. Eat healthy food and take steps to reduce stress.

6 Drink Coffee but do It Sensibly

Are you having a hard time maintaining your focus? Grab a cup of coffee and you are all set to stretch it further. They call coffee the writers' drug because it helps keep them alert for long. The only issue is that you will need more and more of coffee with time. If you're choosing coffee for your "concentration-boosting" remedy, be sure to drink organic coffee or get an Americano or espresso because it contains less acidity and caffeine. You may also consider adding some fat to your coffee such as coconut oil, butter, or heavy cream to ensure it boosts your concentration without the crash.

7 Enjoy Cacao Cos It’s a Great Way to Have a Chocolate Fix

Consuming raw cacao is stimulating to your brain and is among the best natural ways to boost your focus. Avoid having it too close to bedtime and never consume more than a few silver dollar-sized pieces.

Do you think these natural ways to boost your concentration will help you? What other methods work – please share!

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