Flowers 101: Stephanotis

Pronounced stef-an-O-tis, this pretty white bloom is more commonly known as Madagascar jasmine, a name derived from its origin of Madagascar. The trumpet shaped blossoms are traditional flowers for brides because the flower is the symbol for marital happiness. Stephanotis grows on long trailing stems that have dark green, leathery oval shaped leaves. The stems can be trained to climb and weave, and the flowers are waxy and shaped like stars.

The flowers are long lasting, sweetly scented and are considered to be one of the most fragrant flowers. Stephanotis bloom during the spring and summer and need lots of water through summer with a good drainage system so the flowers don't drown. When growing, keep temperatures regulated - drastic changes in temperature can cause the buds to fall. Stephanotis is not easily movable, prefers the sun with little toleration to frost, wet, or cold conditions. Stephanotis lasts about a week in a vase.