Flowers 101: Ranunculus

The other day one of my sister's friends stopped by with a bouquet of pretty pink flowers from her garden. They were ranunculus (pronounced ran-UN-kew-lus) a small camellialike bloom that ranges in color from red to yellow to pink and white and grows here in the Western United States during springtime. Wildly popular, there are over 400 different species.

When planting ranunculus, monitor the soil's moisture and handpick away slugs and snails. These bulbs grow in full sun to partial shade, spread naturally, and do best with cool night temperatures and slightly warmer days. When cut, a ranunculus can last over a week, making them an ideal choice for a bride's bouquet, a wedding centerpiece, or a mailed gift. They combine well with pansies, sweet alyssum, and other early spring blooming flowers.

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