Fendi Coral Pink Embossed Satin Handbag


If there’s such a thing as too much wholesome sweetness, this Fendi purse illustrates it perfectly. The Coral Pink Embossed Satin handbag is lighthearted in pink satin and a relatively cute floral and ribbon embellished pattern. It would be ideal with a floaty frock and heels, but it’s one of those bags that’s a little too Barbie for the average woman. At the moment there are so many more fashion-forward, hot bags out there that this seems a bit pointless - especially considering that it’s not very versatile. However, if you just can’t get enough of cotton candy, cuddles and all that is girlishly good, then you’ll love it.

Fendi Coral Pink Floral/Ribbon Embossed Satin Handbag is Available for $406 at Amazon
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