Fav Holiday Shopping

I always get asked what my favorite places to shop online are for the Christmas gift giving adventure that we find ourselves in every year. I for one have come to love the online experience. No traffic, no fighting over the parking spot, no long waiting to pay lines. No dorky holiday elevator music. You get the picture.

Though I do miss the overall holiday Christmas visual experience. When else do you see holiday decorations that are so much better than your own? And don't forget the daily Starbuck's Eggnog Latte before you brave the mad dash to the stores. Or just the merriment of red and green, silver and gold, and all that tinsel stuff that you thought was outdated.

While one trip to the store won't hurt me, but this season, it's all online baby.

Here are my favorite online places to shop for awesomely cool and different gifts for the oh so chic gift giver in you.

And have a Spiced apple cider on me!

1. The Soap Box Company

Don't believe me? Check out my review of just some of their amazing products that I got. The perfect gift for the one who loves the all natural scent of naturally made bath/body products. Heavenly. Cranberry body scrub anyone?

2. Sephora

Of course, where would we beauty lovers be without Sephora. It's the makeup haven for all of us beauty junkies out there. Hmm, their new Sephora Professional Signature Brush Set, for $58 looks great, and their Limited Edition Stila Deluxe Palette in Rose Moon for just $36? Perfect!

3. The Body Bakery

Check a review I did a while ago on their amazing products. To die for! You simply MUST shop there. No, not for them, for YOU! Choose from their best sellers of Whipped Cream, Body & Hair Spritzer, Lip Butter, Soap Cakes and Body & Hair Icing. Doesn't it just make your mouth water? I have the Sweet Roll (-on perfume) in Raspberry Chocolate. A few swipes on my wrists and behind my ears and I'm just dreaming of raspberry chocolate cake. My absolute most favorite coolest beauty find out there.

PS They've got free shipping for &75+ orders for the holidays! What are you waiting for? Shop! Go!

4. Starbucks Gift Card

I know, I know. It's not makeup or beauty related, but the Starbuck's Gift Card just rocks. I happily carry the cool card in my purse, with visions of cinnamon buns and spiced chai tea latte dancing in my head as I go about my day. And the best part? Easily affordable, thanks to that oh so thoughtful gift.... hmm, about time to refill my card!

5. Gift Certificates

I for one just LOVE a gift certificate. Why? I get to shop AFTER the holiday madness and get exactly what I want (and maybe even grab it on sale.) But sometimes the gift certificate can be limiting. Does your friend really want one from The Gap? Again? Check out Gift Certificates Online. By far the coolest thing ever. You just click online, and your recipient(s) can pick from anywhere (choose the Super Certificate) to buy from! I mean anywhere. Check their gazillion merchants that accepts their certificates. You can shop by Category, Occasion, Merchant, Price or Location.

6. Power Max

I know, those Apples, iPods and other techno gadgets are sooo popular at the holiday times. And the beauty of those Apple gadgets qualifies this entry into my fav holiday shopping sites. Why? PowerMax offers discounted, refurbished, with warranty Apple products. At about 1/2 the price. I know, I got my beautiful Titanium G4 for under 1/2 the price of a new one. A few glitches that Apple Warranty paid for and it's not just refurbished, it's like new. Customer Service was excellent, and hey, I know a bargain when I see one. Now, about that iPod......(PS you can even trade in your old computer!)

7. Find Gift.com

Just don't know WHAT to get? Check out FindGift.com's cute little gift wizard. Just answer a few questions about who you're shopping for and viola. Tons of ideas, and after entering myself as the gift receivee, (why not?) I got 11581 gift ideas I never would of though of, with picture, price, and link directly to it's online website. One of my favorites? The "You're A Goddess Kit", just $42.00 from Abernook.

8. Philosophy's "Hot Toddies"

Don't know what to give? You can't go wrong with Hot Toddies. With egg not, hot cocoa and spiced apple cider, these all-in-one shampoo/body wash/bubble baths are simply perfect. Lather up!

Happy Shopping!