Fat Girl Slim?

By Melanierose Bermudez

What is "Fat Girl Slim"?

"Fat Girl Slim" made by the spa company bliss®, is a product targeted to help dimish dimples. "Get more blub-busting for your buck... "

My First Encounter with "Fat Girl Slim".

Bad enough I only got 3 hours sleep last night; my mother so kindly passed me a pamphlet "Here this is for you". At 6 am nothing seems to make sense, however; I still attempted to read at least the cover of this hideous blue color page. "Fat Girl Slim"... Fat girl slim, sounds like the worse oxymoron I have heard yet; I continue to read on "super-sized, a lean, mean skin firming cream that visibly dimishes dimples with QuSome-encapsulated caffeine". Was that even English? I must say even in a droggy state I felt a sense of insult and degraded feeling coming on, yes... I am not the skinniest 25 year old in the world but I think the suggestion was just rude!

Seriously, I wonder who works for this company that came up with this label! What would they call their products for underweight women? Anorexic girl blubber?

And It Doesn’t Stop There!

"The Youth As We know It" an anti-aging cream that reassures you that you are as old as you look and only they can bring back to your youth through their visionary products as they know it.

"Love Handler" a product to tighten your core, or as they would say your "whittle wiggly waist and tone pudgy tummies". Wiggly and pudgy.... makes me want to run and buy these products today, what am I waiting for?

Ah yes, last but definitely not least.... "Poetic Waxing Kit"! Believe me there is nothing poetic about ripping hair off my body, no matter how pretty the box!

Insult Your Buyers and Rob Them Blind?

So, not only after reading through their catalog do I feel insulted, degraded and unsure of myself; I am then in return left with no choice staying with these emotions without a way out. With prices starting at $28.00 and ending around $250.00 for a set, I must say this company has their priorities way out of order.

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