Fashionalities Perspective

The NY Post did a great article about hi-low dressing…which I have been doing for years….I think that Fashionalities everywhere are accepting this and were already doing this…but, I think everyone else is still either all designer, all Target or Wet Seal, and stuck up about flea markets and thrift stores…here are my picks for hi-low dressing that I adore. If you don't want to look like everyone else, or just cut out of a magazine, put together the look that says you...regardless of where it is from and how much it costs, it is all about what catches your eye.

I love this chunky sweater with a skinny belt from, Designer: Vince Cost: $340


Sweaters you can also get vintage from vintage shops,Thrift Stores, and ebay...but, just watch for holes in the fabric from moths. Nice and chunky $16, at

And pair with a skinny belt from Forever21 for $7.80:

Is this hi or low?

Dresses w/ Pockets

But, accessories can't be bought low...accessories are what add the oomph to a look...a pair of Christian Louboutins, diamond earrings, or an LV purse (or classic leather bag for those who do not like labels) can add class to a look that was bought at Forever 21 or H&M. The thing is to wear what you love...but, keep it from looking one needs to know where you bought it, unless you want them to know:)

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