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Fashionable Hair Styles 2006 Eyes on Stars

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Every year dozens of millions of people nestle close to TV to watch an exciting Oscar ceremony. Among them there are not only those who like movies, but also those, who are striving to see all brightest style novelties, including fashionable hair styles.

If you are worrying about your hair style at the moment when it is time to put off hats, you can follow general trends of hairdressers’ fashion without great efforts. The main thing is obvious: romantic appeal is in fashion! Now you just have to try on appropriate styles on you. For this you should pay attention to several general trends.

Firstly, short hair-does are not fashionable today, as, agree, it is difficult to look sentimentally-romantic with a 3 cm crew-cut on your head. The shortest style that can be considered really stylish, - is something like classic square 2-3 fingers lower lobe.

However, long hair styles became hit of the season. Of course, those, who had short hair-does for long years, will not be able to gain luxurious long hair for 1-2 weeks. Naturally, it is a poignant long process, which can come to its logic eng just by that period, when hair-do cut off all hair will be among fashionable hits.

So, if you want to be in the very center of fashionable main stream, you can gain this with help of modern achievements of hairdresser art – natural extensions, hair lengthening and so on.

But even if you already have long hair (your own or extensions), today you have a wide choice of variants – and this is secondly. For example, sleek long hair can be arranged in a very high ponytail. You could see such ones on shows of collections by Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Bill Blass, Chloe, and also on such Hollywood beauties, like Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Garner.

This is a very elegant variant, which is also appropriate for a business woman. However, it requires very healthy arranged hair, as in such long sleek ponytail split ends, dim or grey hairs are quite noticeable.

Among this season hits are also hair styles, which seemed to be an attribute only for women of “elegant age” till recent time. These are various buns (arranged as very high, as low on neck) and high set with backcombing. As it tuned out, together with appropriate mood it is greatly combined even with very young age of sentimental ladies.

You will look equally elegant with beautifully arranged hair (may be with parting) and a bun of most quaint form on nape both in office and high society reception. You can make certain of it easily, if you saw such different beauties, like Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams, Charlize Theron at Oscar. Those who are still doubting can watch reports from shows by Dries Van Noten, Donna Karan, Hermes, Narciso Rodrigues.

But under such variant you should have not only healthy and beautiful hair, but also clean and healthy skin. Such hair-do opens your forehead according to medieval fashion, and all small (and not only small) defects you successfully hided under fringe turn out to be visible.

Brittany Merphy, Salma Haek, Kelly Lynch preferred more romantic variant this time.

This is a soft feminine set of long curly hair, with separate locks getting out of it naturally (however in a thoroughly considered manner). The impression is like a lady in an evening dress got in a gusty spring wind before reception, and wind disarranged her hair slightly.

On shows by Loewe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Luca Luca, Vera Wang, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari and other famous Fashion Houses such slight carelessness in set (when locks got out of set and curled above ears and along neck) became an additional nuance in forming of super-actual sentimentally-romantic image in laces and frills. It is clear, that probably it is too relaxed for a business atmosphere, however, it is just an ideal variant for any other circumstances.

But the simplest variant, of course, is a hair-do, chosen by Naomi Watts, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston accurately.

These are straight or slightly curly (long or of middle length) hair, parted and flowing on shoulders. Simple and elegant.

There is no fringe also, or it is so long, that it falls down on face. Then you should pin or put behind gentle female ears such fringe. And general impression, though, the same as with set with a bun on nape, - jauntily disheveled locks under capfuls of wind, which sometimes also have an effect of wet hair.

View photos of stylish hair-does here

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