Fashion News Weekly round up!

April 4, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Jennifer

Fashion News: Weekly Round Up!
Time for our weekly fashion news round up.

Great reads on all the latest fashion news from other top highly rated sites.

Stiletto Jungle shows you where you can snag Katherine Heigl’s favorite jeans for half price.

All About the Pretty is going green for spring!

Bag Snob wants to make over your closet! $6,000 closet giveaway!

Beauty Snob has a 10 minute beauty routine for busy beauties!

Coquette loves the look of sweet Spring cardigans.

Stuff Fashion People Like #17 Runway Trippers. You Can’t Deny the Joys of a Great Fall Collection.

Say no to ho and clamor for glamour! - Fashiontribes

Nicky Hilton shares her top 10 style tips with GlamChic.

KRiSTOPHER says the “eco-friendly” label is affirmative action for bad fashion.

Papierblog takes a look at Nars blush.

Second City Style: Jackets Make the Perfect Transition Into Spring!

Shrimpton Couture is meets Michael Kors!!

The spring list is in! ranks the hottest Designers on the Rise and independent boutiques, including discounts at over 100 chic sites.

** ** is excited about Kate Lee’s and Mark Townsend’s Genius Awards from ELLE Magazine!

Try Nicole Paxson if you are looking for full coverage makeup, says eBeautyDaily.

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