Fashion Gone Mad: the C-String


Ok girls, is this some kind of joke? Am I the only one that would rather DIE than wear this monstrosity. Just because the visible-panty-line eliminating g-string has become mainstream over the past decade it doesn't mean we all have to go one step further, now does it. The LoveHoney C-String shouts about the benefits of a zero VPL and reduced tan lines with the beach version.

The site's description reads "C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both securely and comfortably. Your modesty remains safely covered at all times. At the front it looks like sexy underwear, to the rear it has a thong-style strip, and to the sides it has nothing at all!" Just for a laugh read the only customer review (unsurprisingly written by a guy who bought it for his girlfriend because he thought it would look sexy...hmmm...ok then). His girlfriend was apparently a little sceptical upon being presented with the C-string and reported that she could feel the metal frame at first. Nice.

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