Fashion and Chocolate: Women’s First Two Loves


We all know the saying You Are What You Eat, but what about the saying Wear What You Eat? This was the theme at the annual New York City Chocolate Show on Thursday. From high fashion designs to swimwear to super hero costumes, model made their way down the runway outfitted in nothing but chocolate. It was the sweet fashion show in Manhattan… literally! It made me think how actually phenomenal this idea was. We women love our fashion, but we also need our chocolate. As impractical as wearing a white chocolate pleated skirt would be (especially in the summer)…

I can’t help but think how great it would be to strut like Carrie Bradshaw down 5th Avenue in chocolate heels!!!

* Take note Manolo Blahnik! (Find your new favorite shoes here!)

The Chocolate Show featured over 65 stations of chocolate from all over the world. My personal favorite was Bloomsberry & Co.’s Think Chocolate Line. Their chocolate baris appropriately (and humorously) packaged with themes geared towards ladies. With themes like “Oral Pleasure” and “Girth Control", these chocolate bars make the perfect little gifts for your girlfriends.

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