7 Fancy Colored Diamonds to Die for from FancyDiamonds.net ...

Diamonds are certainly a girl's best friend and my newest fascinations are the close but rare cousins to regular diamonds, fancy colored diamonds! From colors like blue, red, purple, pink to even black (!), these rare gemstones are truly unmatched in their beauty. Little wonder why they're such a hit with celebrities (remember J.Lo's pink diamond ring?). Here are 7 ethereal pieces of jewelry with fancy colored diamonds from fancydiamonds.net that a girl could die for:

1. Yellow Diamond Ring

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Considering my birthstone is a yellow topaz, I think it was natural for me to get attracted to this intense yellow diamond ring. The center yellow stone is surrounded by 18 brilliant cut yellow diamonds and 14 white diamonds on the shank of the ring. Simply exquisite, isn't it?!

Click here to see the agorgeous yellow diamond ring.

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