Fall Shrinkage at Marc Jacobs ...

One of the more noteworthy things about the bags at Monday's Marc Jacobs show was their size. While hardly Lilliputian, they were far smaller than bags have been...perhaps this will herald the backlash to kitchen sink sized bags, which is bound to happen (for my shoulders' sake, hopefully soon!).

This pearly grey ostrich satchel really had the feel of a Marc Jacobs bag, but freshened up a bit. The hardware is daintier, and the details less in your face. Something about this bag brings to mind an old fashioned book bag. I can't wait to see this bag (hopefully in something a bit less dear than ostrich) in person. My biggest reservation is that the buckles will be annoying, and wind up undone and hanging.

A common element I noticed was the resurgence of mustard. A singularly unattractive color, which should be left back in the early 90s, where it belongs. Color aside, I don't love this bag. I don't care for the smaller square bag on the longer strap. It's just missing something which would make it look less, well, dated.

A better look in the same unfortunate combination, is this satchel. The proportions make it more modern, and the detailing is still restrained without being too bland. I think that this too, could be a popular style going forward given the cleanliness of the line, though final judgement is withheld until it actually hits stores.


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