Fall in Love with Falling in Love


Philosophy Falling In Love Fragrance

Are you in love? Well, if youโ€™re not, then fall in love with Falling In Love. With Valentineโ€™s Day just around the corner, you need a timeless perfume that celebrates the mushy holiday and stays appropriate the rest of the year- regardless of the season.

Whether youโ€™re hopelessly in love or just loving single life, you can spoil your senses with this romantic fragrance by Philosophy. Itโ€™s light and happy, while highlighted with sexy nuances that reflect a young woman infatuated with a modern-day Romeo, a brideโ€™s beautiful bouquet, and a young child devouring cotton candy- so it exudes a passionate, yet innocent scent.

Wear it to any daytime function- especially lunch with a date, so you can send a sweet, sweet vibe with Falling In Love... it will captive his senses with a love song.

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