Fabulous Tea Sets for a Fabulous Tea Party


Just look at these fabulous tea sets by fabulous Christine Misiac.

Christine believes passionately that every product has a story to tell

and provides an invaluable insight into the life and times it was made and used in.

So, driven by a genuine reverence for the past and a desire to rejuvenate old products, Christine sourced forgotten or unwanted tea sets then reclaimed, resurfaced and restyled them for today’s market.

Much more than a worthy recycling project, her collection fuses the best of both worlds. By respectfully preserving traditional design elements and mixing them with contemporary craftsmanship and customization, Christine has created elegant, one off pieces that are a celebration of the past and the present.

Christine recently won the Peter Walker Award for innovation in Product

Design at the New Designers 2007 exhibition in London.

Christine will be exhibiting her tea sets are 100% futures in London

during design week.

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