Everything's Fine. Seriously! Fine! I'm Very Gra...

Everything's fine. Seriously! Fine!

I'm very grateful for all of the emails and messages and incessant telephone calls (Mom)asking whether I was all right, because I am. I'm just going to be stuck at home for the next little while, as the result of an ongoing situation that is equal parts funny and gross (or, actually, now that I reflect, more gross than funny) that I can't talk about yet and maybe won't want to talk about ever, and I'm sorry to be so vague. But I'm fine! Really! No worries!

I got Barbara Kingsolver's new memoir about the year she and her family spent eating only food that was grown in their neighborhood or that they raised themselves.

I got the Amy Winehouse CD that all the kids are listening to.

I got the first season of "Lost" on DVD.

I got pirate tattoos on both of my hands, courtesy of the girl. I got organic Klondike bars and lemonade-flavored vitamin water.

Life is good. More soon.