Emergency Phone Charger so That They’ll Never Be Able to Say “My Phone Was Dead”


It’s happened to each and every one of us. Dead cell phone and no where to charge it. How many times did it happen to you while you needed to make or receive “that special call”. And sometimes, even asking strangers for help isn’t an option. We’ve found the phone emergency charger to help save the day. This nifty gizmo is both functional and slick. And it’s also rather inexpensive going for around $9. This is the most compact charger we’ve seen operated by an AA battery - you get around 2 hours of extra talking time per battery. You also receive 4 adapters, so you could hook it up to all of your phones. Do you have a friend whose phone is always “dead”? Give them on of those. Also you can get on of these for your girlfriend/boyfriend so you don’t to hear the “my-phone’s-battery-was-dead” excuse ever again. Just make sure you always carry plenty of AA batteries along if you decide to get this device.

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