5 Tips to Embrace the Nude Lip Look ...

(updated with a video lesson)

It takes courage to go nude. And, let's face it, a lot of people don't know how to go nude correctly. Sometimes you just want to turn away in horror! But going nude is the wave of the future.

And here are the **5 tips **to follow when going nude:

1. Picking the Shade

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Look for a lipstick two shades lighter or darker than your skin color. Don't go for the same shade as your skin color, that will definitely make you look mouthless (not a good look).

2. The Lipstick and the Complexion

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If you're lighter in complexion, consider a light to neutral pink like Urban Decay's Peroxide or Rush; if you're darker in complexion, consider a beige like Urban Decay's Jailbait. (Urban Lipsticks cost $22)

3. Trying before Buying

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Go to the makeup counter and try this shades on before you buy. Test drive it in different lights. See it in natural daylight, and office and restaurant lighting. This is definitely one makeup you don't want to buy blindly.

4. The Lip Pencil

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If you're worried about looking too washed out, line your lips with a neutral shade lip pencil. Make sure to blend it into your lips, so that you don't look like a cartoon character.

5. The Gloss Trick

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Not ready to go completely nude? Try a sheer gloss that adds subtle color without full-on emphasis on your lips.
Check out this video lesson ...

Nude lips is a great look for everyone, but it takes careful trial & error to find the perfect shade for you.

Don't dispair, and if nothing else works, just go completely nude (on your lips, that is) ...

BTW, nude lips work perfectly with Smoky Eye look - check out these 7 Steps to Create a Perfect Smoky Eye and see if you can master the technic!

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