Ellen is DeGenerous!

Ellen DeGeneres, the co-host of American Idol’s TV charity special was so touched by the images of poverty-stricken Africans she saw in footage shot for last night’s show, she personally pledged $100,000 to charity. The comedienne-turned-chat show host was presenting performances by stars like Annie Lennox, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban and Rascal Flatts live from Los Angeles’ Disney Concert Hall when she was overcome by emotion.

Fighting back tears after watching footage featuring Idol regulars Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest visiting an African village where Aids and malaria is rife, DeGeneres urged her "rich friends" to hand over large donations to charity organisation ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History.

She then raised the roof at the venue by announcing she’d set an example by giving $100,000.

Of the video footage of Africans suffering, she said, "This is ridiculous. We can do something."

Ellen also challenged her "rich" friends to match her donation. I wonder if anybody did. I have to say even tho' there was a huge cheese factor to last night's show, it made me cry and made me realize how much suffering is in this world! So, despite the cheese, the show probably did open quite a few eyes around this country. I hope so. As of the close of the show, American Idol Gives Back had raised $30 million dollars and counting.

source: PRInside

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