8 Eligible Royal Bachelors ...

Now that Ms. Middleton firmly has the ring on her finger, the most eligible royal prince is a locked-down, ex-resident of singlesville. It might therefore be appropriate to brush off the dust and revisit that plan B that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while. There are plenty of Royal families around the globe so where should a lady of class cast her eye to find wedding material worthy of her station? Here are 8 eligible royal bachelors to stick in your little black book.

1. Prince Harry of Wales

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His cute ginger crop of hair and tall frame will have you dreaming of a whirlwind romance. Third in line to the throne, this 27-year old prince charming has a string of accomplishments to his name including charity work and a helicopter licence in the military; however he has been romantically linked to Chelsy Davy and is renowned for his gaffe-prone antics. Strong elbows, and an ability to laugh off the silliness will be in tall order to snag this one.

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