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EBeauties of the Week - Feb 10 2007

By Christina

Join my friends and learn more about their week - some fashion week reviews and some other great info if you have had it up to *here* with Fashion Week. Not me, I am still in the mode, but thats probably because I am way down south. Oh well, maybe next year. For now, I am still living vicariously through my friends, and I hope you will too!

• Coach social climbs with “Legacy” line of high end bags says Bag Snob
Coquette shows you how to show off your personal style on Shoutfit

• Cheap Designer Chic: eBelle5 discovered the Proenza Schouler Handbag Collection

Girlawhirl flips for organic Lillie Belle Farms Chocolates

Kristopher Dukes:Roberto Cavalli ring’s serpent coiled round a gem spells pure S-E-X, unlike the fuzzy “It’s the thought that counts” of a cliche, rhinestoned heart.

LA Story: AM = About Music. AM Shares His Musical Life and Where It’s Come From, Where It’s Going ! PODCAST & Blog!

• Get organised! My Fashion Life takes a closer look at the bag to organise the most disorganised

• A complete list of Papierblog fashion week reviews and photos from the editors at Papierdoll Spice it Up — Aphrodisiacs, Outfits and Accoutrements for V Day Features Five Favorite Emerging Jewelry Designers

Stylehive: It’s not too late! Check out some great gifts sets to give for Valentine’s Day or any day.

The Jewelry Weblog discovered some mommie and baby friendly jewelry that anyone can wear Everyday.

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