EBay WTF of the Day Smurftastic


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I kind of don't know what to say. eBay WTF of the Day is my new favorite game. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is something you didn't realize you needed in order to live a truly stylish life (available here).

Um...this is a Smurfgasbord! This is a set of 22 Smurfs and accessories, as well as a mushroom, a treehouse, another mushroom, and a gated entry. Have you ever needed this many Smurfs? No. Have you ever wanted this many Smurfs? I'm gonna go with no. Will you enjoy having this many Smurfs?



β€’ Important battles of World War II reenactments. β€’ Grey's Anatomy cast entirely with Smurfs; the big mushroom is Meredith's house and the gate is the ER entryway. β€’ Put Smurfs on top of your food in the fridge so your roommate will know it's yours. β€’ Pick a Smurf of the Day and display prominently on your desk to convey your mindset to coworkers.

More ideas please, keep 'em coming!

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