Easter Bunny Alert from RSPCA

It's that time of year again, and while most people are rushing out to buy chocolate eggs by the dozen, there are some who'd prefer to get their loved ones a real live Easter Bunny.

Every year RSPCA centres throughout Britain (SSPCA in Scotland) fill up with unwanted rabbits, discarded by families who had no idea the commitment it takes to look after these cute little creatures.

Rabbits need a lot of stimulation to keep them healthy, so you need to provide them with an area where they can exercise and 'toys', like cardboard boxes and tubes, to keep them amused. They love routine so it's best to tend to them at roughly the same time every day, so eventually they know to expect you. You will need to clean out their hutch daily, freshen up their bedding, and provide them with fresh food and water.

Their nails and teeth grow at a remarkable rate, so you have to be prepared to trim the nails at least once or twice a month (depending how much natural wear they get from running about outside). If their teeth overgrow you will need to take them to a vet to have them ground down, and vet bills are expensive.

If you are still determined to get a rabbit after reading about all the hard work it takes to look after them, then you should call or visit your local RSPCA centre and ask about rehoming an unwanted bunny.

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