DXG Release 5 Megapixel Camcorder (DXG-506V) in Four Colours - Including Emo Black, Natch


5px; float: left;"/>We haven't written about DXG camcorders before, but look - they're available in pink! No, that's not all the DXG-506V has going for it, but as it's aimed towards the Myspace/Facebook /YouTube-friendly 'youths' of today (no joke, that's what it's being marketed as), the specs aren't that impressive, over all. The combo digital camcorder/camera/MP3 player/voice recorder/webcam comes with 32 MB of storage, near DVD-quality MPEG-4 video, and is capable of taking up to 5 megapixel photos - hardly ideal, but perfect for your emo younger brother to practise his MySpace poses on. It's got hardly any buttons, hence more time for gelling your fringe sideways, and should cost about $149. Excuse me while I go wash my stripey tops and skinny black poocatcher jeans...

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