Drooly & Bark


I love Dooney & Bourke bags. They are so cute, colorful and fashionable. And have you seen their new spring line? I’m sure BlogMistress Designer Ella has!

So, due to my fondness of this designer, I bring to you more pun madness in the form of the Drooly & Bark Bag Toyfound at Pawterre.

pet-pet-blog.net title='db.jpg'>

Adorned with hearts and the “Drooly & Bark” namesake tag, now I can have Scout share in my obsession for Dooney & Bourke.

And, the best part about these bags is that my husband doesn’t mind when I stock up on them. Why’s that you may ask. Well, because Dooney & Bourke tend to display their initials, “DB,” on their purses; which happen to be my husband’s initials. He says when I wear their products, it’s like he branded them himself …

Guess he’s marking his territory like any good stud.

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