Dream Girl

I appreciate my big brother, I do. But every once in awhile I wish I had a cool big sister... and if a couture-wearing fairy godmother were to grant my wish, I would want that cool big sister to be Charlotte Ronson. The designer/girl about town just epitomizes hip, but not in the cliched "I am sooo hipster" way.Of course she has beyond cool friends (she counts Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton among her pals) and a ridiculously talented family (singer Mark, DJ Samantha, and budding socialite Annabelle) to boot. And then Charlotte's clothing line soon to be fashion empire is so outstanding that I would be content wearing the label and only that label for the rest of my... year (a girl can only limit herself for so long).Charlotte has this knack for designing things can are undeniably cute... but not at all cutsie. She designs things that I want so bad I can't get them out of my mind. Unfortunately, their price tags limit them to my wishlist and not my closet..suede ballet flats with a corduroy capped toe ... Can I just have them in every color? Please? These are flawless ballet flats that any shoe rack could benefit from. (Insider info: these babies are half off on Intuition righthisminute.). cream pompom cardigan ... this laidback wear-with-everything cardigan would be a perfect replacement to my pretty cream fleece that just "disappeared" from my dorm room.. tweedruffled jacket ... for an last-minute morning ensemb, I could toss this sophisticated little jacket on with skinnies and ballet flats. Voila!. marbled pompom vest... oh how I heart oversized pom pom trim. It makes everything better, no? This little vest of cuteness would brighten up a winter day.-tf [...]

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