Domino Magazine's Eco-friendly Clothing List


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This month, home style magazine Domino has dedicated their entire issue to eco-awareness, and of course, we've zoned in on their list of environmentally-friendly clothing designers. Some of them, like Levi's Eco and Loomstate, we've mentioned here before, and others are hitting Styledash eyes for the first time. Domino has done a great job of showing how eco-friendly clothing has come a long way from burlap sacks and hemp sandals by putting together entire outfits. The lines they've included are:• Noir• Agricult• Edun - Bono's clothing line• Ciel• Levi's Eco - which we've covered• Loomstate - organically cool jeans• Anna Cohen• Linda Loudermilk - high design• Vanessa Barrantes• iWood Sunglsasses• Majestic Pure

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