Dolce & Gabbana's Girl Power Ads


Dolce & Gabbana are aiming to cause controversy within the fashion industry again with their latest ad campaign for Fall 2007/08. The ads feature women in dominatrix style whips and fully naked men. (Oh my)

The design duo are known for their controversial ad campaigns and this season is no exception.

"It's the vision of a dream more than reality, where the whip symbolises women's power and where the naked models refer to a classic beauty inspired by Michelangelo," explains Stefano Gabbana to WWD.

"Since these images have offended someone, we want to stress that we wanted to represent a strong and dominatrix woman, as is today's woman," he added

"We wanted to place this artistic reference above everyday reality, but there was no intent to be vulgar or offend anyone's human dignity."

I totally agree that they are very powerful ads. I don't understand why people get so negative about these images. We see worst in music videos.

Via WWD & Via

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