Dolce and Gabbana Double Handle Tote


Few words will properly capture the beauty of this new Dolce and Gabbana Double Handle Tote, mainly because even the picture doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. I had a chance to test drive this bag recently and couldn’t get over the leather’s exquisite feel - it’s cool and smooth, practically melts at the slightest touch and glows in a divine caramel color. The bag itself is unbeatable. It’s elegant and polished, but its shape is relaxed enough to make it practical in just about any circumstance. Roomy enough to do more than just look pretty, this bag is sensible and stylish at once. You’ll carry it everywhere - and how could you not, after spending $2095 on it? - and get plenty of use from it, guaranteed. Available to pre-order at Nordstrom.

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