7 Dogs That Fit in Your Purse ...

They have to be the ultimate designer accessory – dogs that can fit in your purse. You can take the dog to lunch or the tennis club or on a night out. But, you’ve got to choose the right dog that says something about you. There’s no need to go for the legally blond Chihuahua, there’s plenty of other dinky doggies out there. Here’s a few dogs that fit in your purse easily -- and talk about cute!

1. Brussels Griffon

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Image source: allsmalldogbreeds.com
If you’ve seen the film As Good As It Gets, you’ll know that it’s Verdell the dog that steals the movie. This breed has got a permanent look of surprise on its face. It's also got a pouty little mouth -- how cute! Not only can it still a film, but it's definitely one of the small dogs that fit in your purse quite easily.

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