Dogs Deserve Better... and so do People... I Think ...

There's a dog that lives its life chained to its kennel, nearly all day and all night. When the family goes camping? The dog stays behind. When they are in the back yard? The dog is chained and in its kennel. He visits us sometimes, when he breaks loose from his chain and tears down the kennel. He climbs the back fence and runs around our yard like as if just given amphetamines.Outside the Dog Museum Jonathan Carrolllinks §amazon §alibris">">alibris §booksense §google §powells Dogs deserve better.And if you don't believe it, you could always chain yourself outside and have your spouse come feed you once a day (if that). Play your cards right, and you could win a car.“Survivor”-like Competition Tests Endurance and Raises Awareness for Chained Dogs: Intense boredom, acute loneliness and an overwhelming desire for freedom: This is a day in the life of a chained dog and, for up to 13 days, these were the conditions 11 people endured for the chance to win a new car. I'm all for this group, by the way, and I love the way they publicize themselves. But I'm a little worried that something like this falls on deaf... totally incomprehensibly deaf ears. It just looks like another one a them there reality shows to some folks. Or like the kids who live in the car at the mall and the last one to leave gets to keep the car.Woo hoo!See? Do you even remember what the message was in that? I'm guessing it's “live outside, get a car to live in.”Still, this might move people who already give their dogs better to do something about other dogs in their neighborhood. Because that dog who lives behind me? He deserves better. And any time he comes visiting? He's welcome here just as long as he likes, even though he completely unsocialized and digs and demolishes and acts starving half the time he's here. I love him. Oddly, if I didn't live so darn close by, he would be easier to steal away without getting caught.Tags: chain | dog | dogsdeservebetter | human | compassion. [...]

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