Does This Car Make Me Look Gay?

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We spend a lot of time here at Styledash trying to tell you what clothes say about the people who wear them, or design them, or whatever. But what about your car? Does buying a Hummer mean you're a bad ass, or just a suburbanite with an inferiority complex and money to burn? Does driving a Volkswagen really make you young, cool and indie, or just dumb for buying something that's notoriously unreliable?

Most importantly: what cars make you look gay? According to a recent NY Times article, some people think gay men drive Mazda Miatas and Mini Coopers, while lesbians drive Subaru station wagons. In fact, Ramone Johnson, a gay journalist interviewed by the paper said anything with "soft lines" and a "vibrant personality" -- features that say freedom and fun (like the Mini Cooper, for instance) -- is more typically a gay man's car.

Is this just prejudice -- homophobia being masked as marketing demographics? Gaywheels doesn't think so. They're a gay-friendly automotive resource that provides works with consumers who prefer only to deal with gay-friendly car companies, driving schools and clubs.

So, if you're a gay person who wants their car to be just as out as you are, or a straight person who'd rather not send the wrong message, check out the Top 10 Gay Cars of 2007, and find the automobile that is (or isn't) right for you!

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