Do You Have Time to Shoot the Water?


Some readers commented that these water drop shots from are merely the work of someone who has too much time on his hands. For me, the splash of colors and the objects formed while making these shots are remarkable.

Thereโ€™s practically a rainbow of colors which can blind you when you take a look at this particular shot. I especially liked the way that the shot is not centered on the water drop itself -it kinda makes you take a look at the short from an entirely different perspective. Nice!

I have this personal preference for black and white photographs -I think that they have such a sense of class and history. This water drop photo is something that I wouldnโ€™t mind using as a wall paper for my laptop!

I just love the way that the water rises to form a flower-like image in this photo. Itโ€™s simply exquisite!

I am not a clicker-happy person myself, I prefer to pose for pictures rather than take them, lol.

I wonder what other hobbies out there will have such amazingly artistic results?