Do-It-Yourself Nail Art


If men only knew how difficult it is to maintain long, perfectly manicured nails

I personally prefer to keep my nails short and simply coated with clear nail polish -but there are occasions which call for a more ‘made up’ look for your nails.

These days, regular visits to a beauty salon to get French manicures would actually cost quite a lot. So if you’re like me who’s trying to meet a budget for all the ‘beauty stuff’ that you need to pay for - here’s a great Do-It-Yourself nail art idea from one of my favorite fashion blogs:

The product is called Broadway Nails -which is really a steal for about $8. The DIY nail kit includes ‘nail gems’ -an assortment of hearts, flowers and uniquely shaped stones which you can glue on to your long -or short -fingernails after applying a topcoat.

A step-by-step guide is posted on the link above. Check the blog out for yourself or search for the Broadway Nails product online. I think the results are cute, fun and quite professional looking -I may even try them out myself!