Do Couture Lashes Interest You?

Just when you thought Shu Uemura has produced just about all types of false eyelashes known to mankind, they’re taking it to a higher level with jazzed up Tokyo Lash Bar 2008’s “Couture Collection.” The array of false eyelashes here truly embraces couture to the truest sense of the word. Just check out the photos inside!

The Tokyo Lash Bar Couture Collection is the work of Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf. The tandem designed three Couture eyelashes – the false eyelashes wing couture, the swirl couture and the rhombus couture.

The Wing Couture
The Swirl Couture
The Rhombus Couture
The pairs of peeper accessories are encased in white boxes and retail for $95.00 each.

Naturally, you can’t use these false eyelashes everyday (not unless you’re really an avid Tokyo fashion fan…these things are selling like pancakes there, I heard) but you are sure to be the center of attention if you wear these for your peepers. Do these interest you? Because I can totally see myself wearing the wing couture pair! It’s fun to just get out of the box and try something new, you know what I mean?

Photo Credit: Shu Uemura USA, Fashion Insider

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